Wollygong Magic Mushrooms

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Wollygong Magic Mushrooms

Collected from the hillsides overlooking the town of Wollongong, Australia, the Wollygong Magic Mushrooms are a potent modern strain that produce prominent body sensations and eye opening visuals. Their distinctive cream-gold color caps and meaty stalks provide a light-twinkling, skin-tingling psychedelic experience, whether you’re dancing during the energetic come-up, or melting into a fit of the giggles, you’re sure to have the mystical journey of a lifetime.



19 reviews for Wollygong Magic Mushrooms

  1. Kristi T. Linder

    They looked amazing and I’m excited to start micro dosing

  2. Kevin McHugh


  3. Curtis Britt

    “Ah-h-h Grasshopper, you must learn to listen to your inner voice…”

  4. Anthony Owens

    Nice time

  5. Dennis. Macias

    Started with a small dose and worked up over a few weeks to about 3 grams. Incredible synesthetic effect, mystical, ego death, altered perception, echos of past, present and future all in one. Best to know your center and work outwards towards enlightened experience, changed my heart for the better.

  6. Rodolfo Goodman

    Great service and product,the only think I’m bit confused about is high shipping fees for the weight,I would definitely shop more if these rates were better

  7. Philip Mora

    Haven’t tried them yet, waiting for the weekend. Should be a memorable experience. The shipping was very fast and the mushrooms smell good.

  8. Rebecca Hardy

    my dumb ass ate 5 grams because im a seasoned tripper and 5g of normal P.E is more than manageable for me. this strain is insanely strong, within 20 minutes my walls were shifting around like i was on dmt. felt like i was on a deadliest catch boat for about 2 hours and had to call some buddies over to help my spaghettied self. after i came back to my senses i felt like a new man. 10/10 would not recommend 5gs for ur 1st time taking these, start with 2g at most lol

  9. Edith Odell

    The strongest I’ve ever tried. I took 4 grams and was transported to another dimension and parallel universes! Excellent product that hits hard, definitely not for beginners.

  10. Hannah Morales

    Excellent products. Dried and packed well. Super fast costumer service and shipping. Highly recommend buying from these guys.

  11. Charles Corsi

    This product is insane!

  12. Ronald Brown

    loved these, very visual, great product

  13. Michaela Jeffery

    Toute en douceur calme et centrée dans la l’objectifs.

  14. Sheena Ottinger

    are the quintessential mushroom strain. Honestly makes me feel good and upbeat right into the next couple of days. Maybe it’s all the laughter that fires off some positive vibes in the brain.

  15. Nicole Sharkey

    Quick delivery and nice product as mentioned in the description. Only thing that can be improved is the minimum amount for free delivery .

  16. Mario C. Cruz

    Product came well sealed and packaged. It was also very fresh. Will order from here again

  17. Kristian White

    Excellent mushrooms. Beautiful, fully intact caps. Perfect for micro-dose.

  18. Carol L. Lynch

    good product, even came slightly over-weight

  19. Lena C. Padilla

    Good product

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