White Rabbit Magic Mushrooms (Premium)

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From mind-bending visuals to introspective awareness, White Rabbit Mushrooms are the ultimate shroom experience. If you’ve been searching for an authentic psychonaut experience — now’s your chance! With an appearance to match its name, White Rabbit magic mushrooms take the best of both worlds by having incredible potency, effects, and looks. It is a strain that is intensely visual, euphoric, and has a noticeable spiritual aspect.


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11 reviews for White Rabbit Magic Mushrooms (Premium)

  1. Magdalene Peterson

    Just incredible.

  2. Allen Laperle

    Very intense, took 3.5 grams and I saw myself lying on the couch

  3. Stephen Cantwell

    I took these mushrooms a few times at varying doses and each time I felt agitated and discontent with myself. The only way to alleviate this feeling was to do something beneficial like cooking or cleaning my apartment. Negative trips with positive outcomes would be the best way I could describe it.

  4. Florence Lyons

    Nice feel good mushroom

  5. Walter Bowling

    They were amazing, bang on weight wise and shipped super fast will buy again

  6. John McCoy

    Pretty potent stuff. I definitely had a very powerful and transformative experience with just a couple of grams. Full disclosure I also took a few grams of golden teachers on the trip too. Good fun overall if you’re somewhat level-headed, but be ready for a trip!

  7. Katie Kelly

    Intense amazing visual experience. Top shelf product, very potent.

  8. Arthur Tucker

    These little odd shaped mushrooms are cool, they look amazing. Each shroom has a deep blue throughout. We cut a tiny one in half and both of us had an awesome night. Then I Tried little pieces for micro dosing for pain relief ( I have RA) and for hours forgot about my joint pain. Wow. So far my favourite! I’ll be stocking up on these!

  9. Sherri Kirkley

    Out of my mind

  10. Ella Fitzgerald

    Also good! Will buy again

  11. Tonia Fonseca

    Nice nice nice. Just a nice feeling. Some visuals. Very comfortable feeling. Shipping was fast!!

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