Texas Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms (Premium)

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Texas Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms

The Texas Magic Mushroom was created by crossing two of the most potent cannabis strains in town — Penis Envy and Texas magic mushroom strains. After indulging in this masterpiece. Prepare your mind and body for long-lasting euphoria, relaxation, and chill vibes. Well known to expand the perspective of the mind from profound connections and increased perceptiveness. This is a must-try for anyone who wishes to dive into the unknown.


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17 reviews for Texas Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms (Premium)

  1. Donna D. Warner

    Intense, hit me hard and fast while walking through a magical park in a rainforest on Christmas Day while it was snowing, no words can describe how I was feeling Christmas Day, I was interstellar travelling through different dimensions looking at the world from a alien perspective.

  2. Jonathan L. Torres

    Arrived quick and great quality… will be ordering again

  3. Sharon M. McAtee

    Out of this world lol. Never had a trip like this before. Took about 4 g’s throughout the night and 2 would have sufficed I think but it tricks you into thinking you are sober but nope hahaha. Trip lasted a long time, completely out of my mind at some points. Amazing visuals and watching Disney was amazing.

  4. Mardell M. Costello


  5. Annette D. Newton

    Fast delivery with discrete packaging. Product weight was extremely precise. Quality and potency are top notch. Will definitely be ordering again.

  6. Kathleen K. Jackson

    Fast delivery. Good communication. Professional service. Quality product. Would recommend. Only downside is no credit card portal on website.

  7. Shawn R. Cullen

    Fast delivery! The product was incredible! Looking forward to ordering more.

  8. Gladys J. Colucci

    just as described. fast and no issues

  9. Rose D. Powe

    Looking forward to trying these.

  10. Pura R. Lamkin

    As good as penis envey!

  11. Cynthia Alexis

    Pretty good not heavy on the visuals but felt really happy and positive and a total body calm. Definitely helped anxious feelings and depression

  12. Tammy Edwards

    Not bad… Tough to say because I mixed them with Blue Meanie… Only done shrooms 3 times but that was the best time.

  13. Nellie Palmer

    Pretty awesome!!!! Had a wonderful trip. Everything was breathing and beautiful. Would recommend!

  14. Ramona Williams

    Great for first timers!
    With tried 1,75g each and avec 20-30 min, we felt euphoric and excited! I felt like a happy dumb kid!
    We had to take at least 2,5g to have visuals, but when it started, we’ve looked at each other’s eyes for like 40 min laughing and being amazed by every single detail we saw! We felted so much love and joy, we were not able to like away from eachother eyes!

    Awesome experience for a first time! We definitely recommend it for people who never tried shrooms before.

    Oh and the shipping! It was so fast! Only 12 days! I’m amazed to see how easy and fast it was to get it!

    Next time, we will start directly with 2,5g to get visuals faster.

  15. Mark Owens

    Absolutely amazing, great product and excellent fast service. Thank you!

  16. Joseph Brooks

    Very good product at a reasonable price. This kind of mushroom really helps me bond with my family and pets. I am a huge fan!

  17. Dennis Cardoso

    perfect product. swift delivery.

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