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Engaging. Energizing. Illuminating. These words describe the myriad of effects that you will feel with the PES Hawaiian Magic Mushrooms. The onset is instantaneous, and your mind will catapult into a sea of creativity before you have had time to put the joint down. No task is impossible once you feel the burst of euphoria and energy cascade across your mind and body. Another impressive attribute is that it leads us on a path of utter relaxation for days following the experience.

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17 reviews for PES Hawaiian Magic Mushrooms

  1. Deborah J. Kinne

    Received them quickly after placing order. Order was easy to place, easy to pay for, reasonably priced. They look like they should, looking forward to trying them out.

  2. Cythia H. Dalton

    Quick shipping and great product, will definitely be ordering from them again

  3. Lisa T. Bennett

    Excellent product, very fast shipping!

  4. Eric S. Mayberry

    Solid entry level, good visuals.

  5. Gloria T. Morris

    My new fave

  6. Frank B. Carlton

    Super fun as long as you don’t overdo lol. Great visuals

  7. paulmmarrero

    Paul M. Marrero

  8. David O. Trivett

    Easy purchase process, clear instructions and received shipment in timely manner.

  9. Charmaine D. Terry

    A very good product.

  10. paulmmarrero

    First time using shrooms, this was a life changing experience

  11. Robin L. Gonzales

    More Mellow and Recommended for 1st Timers or Microdozing.

  12. Melanie J. Boland

    Always a great experience to deal with this company and always great products

  13. Irene G. Green

    5 stars . great product

  14. Debra Snead

    Haven’t tried them yet, but I know I will like them. I’ve done lots of Golden teacher which I love. So hoping for a different trip. Discription was what I was looking for for my next setting.

  15. Eugenia Self

    Great product. Well packaged. Nicely balanced

  16. Ismael Stringfellow

    So good! Took them with some friends at a great spot by the ocean and enjoyed the views and the sun on our faces. Then took the rest while on a beautiful forrest hike while it was raining and it was even more fantastic!
    Good feelings of happiness and warmth, and big smiles the whole time.

  17. John Conaway

    Would recommend trying these out if they have them in stock!! I enjoyed the good trip on 2gs!!

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