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If you’re looking to buy magic mushrooms that’ll make you say woah — your search is over. Meet Huautla— the ultimate shroom that packs breathtaking potency. From its origin to its outrageous open-eyed effects, it has everything a psychonaut could dream of. Found in the land of famous shamans, curanderas, and healers, these magic mushrooms have a shamanistic feel to them. Besides incredible visuals, you’ll feel a unique harmony with everything around you.


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25 reviews for Huautla Magic Mushrooms

  1. Amber Friend

    I wouldn’t recommend anything over 1g for golf

  2. Ron D. Cahill

    Dessus de la qualité mais je ne l’es avais jamais essayé avant c’est peut-être normal Finalement après en avoir pris 5 g je confirme qu’il sont magique.

  3. Prince Thompson

    Great trip… can’t wait for the next. Felt like a good clean trip…

  4. Elvira J. Goode

    truly beautiful, introspective and healing. discrete packaging and quick delivery!

  5. Jerome B. Goodell

    Great product. Wonderful experience! Thank you!!

  6. Robert C. Blevins


  7. Sally C. King

    My first time trying it as an experienced user. Now one of my favourites. Strong too.

  8. Celia C. Honeycutt

    Always quality product with Organic Shroom. Quick and smooth order process too. Thanks so much!

  9. Robyn F. Stewart

    Always a consistent experience!

  10. Tricia M. Catanzaro

    Small quantity only

  11. Alice F. Klotz

    Actually came in, in good time
    too, nice.

  12. Brian A. Hastings

    Loved it!!!

  13. Patricia J. Wood

    Super great high, it had me right on the edge.

  14. Freddie H. Gillespie

    Always enjoyable without the worry of being overwhelmed.

  15. Sonya B. Merchant

    Consistent quality! Fave variety, and super quick shipping every time!

  16. Sonya B. Merchant

    I micro-dosed (0.5-1g) and was able to feel the full effects (for the amount I took). I say they did their job well, Thank you!!

  17. Jennifer T. Edelman

    Great experience that gives a nice light and pleasant time

  18. Good, first time was stronger than I expected

    easy to order, quick to deliver… seamless

  19. Kimberley Haddock

    Haven’t tried yet. Waiting for a very special occasion.

  20. Joshua M. Kellar

    Could be cheaper like $250

  21. Abraham Gurganus

    Not very much in the bag I felt

  22. Adrienne Maynard

    Pretty good, not the most potent in my experience

  23. Jeffrey Harris

    Was given a substitute and they were awesome!

  24. Janet Perkins

    Very potent and a nice buzz depending on doze.very happy. Thanks

  25. Frank Lewis

    Took these and got very very tired. Then the visuals kicked in

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